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My Online Services


Individual psychotherapy consists of meeting with a psychologist one-on-one for approximately 50 minutes. Specific approaches to individual therapy vary depending upon your needs and preferences. I have considerable knowledge and experience in providing Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for a variety of concerns, Mindfulness Skills Training, Hypnosis for stress management, and Cognitive Processing Therapy for Trauma/PTSD.  For those interested in incorporating their spiritual beliefs into therapy, I also have considerable experience providing faith-based counseling.


No matter the approach, I will listen, offer encouragement, teach practical skills, and assist you in identifying and working through your emotions in a healthy way. 

For information regarding specialized perinatal mental health services, click here

For information regarding specialized trauma recovery services, click here


Couples Therapy provides the opportunity for you and your significant other/spouse to team up with me and learn how to address challenges that may be impacting your relationship. Topics vary widely, and often include communication, conflict resolution, forgiveness, and interaction styles. Premarital counseling is also available.



Educational Workshops are available to various organizations, including medical offices, women's health centers, fitness centers, churches, and other community outreach programs. Workshops are tailored to meet the needs of your organization. Prior workshop topics I have facilitated include: Stress Management, Healthy Relationships, Setting and Implementing Boundaries, Connection between physical and mental health, Marriage Retreats, and Parenting Skills.


These are one-on-one or group meetings to discuss the impact of mental health within various contexts and strategies for learning how to build and sustain health and wellness. Consultation is generally focused on the following settings, although I am open to working with other settings as well: churches, fellow mental health providers, medical providers, small and large corporations, and educational institutions. These meetings are collaborative and educational, designed to teach about the importance of mental health, how to support others experiencing mental health concerns, and tips for resolving conflict and improving worker satisfaction and efficiency.

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