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Christian-Informed Counseling

Are you searching for meaning and purpose in your life? Do you find yourself deeply desiring a closer connection to something or someone? Perhaps you have a sense of meaning and purpose, but struggle with some aspect of your faith.


It's hard carrying these burdens without anyone to talk with about them. We were made to live in community, to help others when able, and to gather support when needed.

Throughout my life, I've sought experiences that have cultivated my spiritual life, including being involved in a place of worship and attending a graduate school that emphasized the importance of valuing spirituality and religion as part of the human experience. Since graduating, I've continued to seek experiences and trainings that impart wisdom and stretch my understanding of the world.

While my training and personal background are in the Christian tradition, I am comfortable working with individuals from various backgrounds.

Common questions that arise in the context of therapy include:

  • "What is the purpose of (or God's will for) my life?"

  • "Does God really see me? Does He hear me?"

  • "Does God care about me?"

  • "Why does a good God allow bad things to happen?"

  • "If God loves me, why does He feel so far away?"

While my role is not as a theologian or Bible teacher, I can help you clarify your beliefs and values and help you live a life consistent with those values. Please note that a psychologist trained in spiritually sensitive methods and interventions is significantly different from a traditional Biblical counselor or faith-based counselor.

If you think we might be a good fit, contact me here.

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